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I was really set on getting over all of this and starting over in a new city, no-one knows me here it’s a completely new start I’m so far away from where this all started and then you call me and you tell me you want all the same things I do, but when I picture it all, I see you there with me. I want to be married to you, I want to be cooking you dinner, watching stupid films with you, I want to get in bed after a long day and cuddle up to you knowing I don’t have to wake up alone, I want to make you breakfast in the morning and surprise you with things you love just because I want to see that brilliant smile, that smile that makes my day, that smile that fills me with joy, that smile that gives me butterflies, I want those stupid little arguments because I forgot to buy milk, or because I left a plate in the sink. I want to kiss you when you’re mad and hold you when you’re upset. I want to be the one that takes care of you when you’re sick. I want to grow old with you.

And I’m so scared to tell you.

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