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I fucking hate it when you’re in such a fantastically giddy mood and then you see one simple little thing that makes you think, “oh” and then you just get this empty feeling in your chest and you get nauseous and the world just crumbles and you want to just lay under a blanket and close your eyes and fall asleep and never wake up. 

Alright so outside of the bedroom I don’t know anything about people, I’m bad at talking, bad at listening, bad at laughing and smiling when I’m happy, or find something funny, I talk too much or I never say enough, I don’t say the right things at the right time, I try to be funny and think I am when I’m really not. I really do try though, to be a good partner… I cook, and clean and I’m not a bad kisser and I’m pretty good in bed, and that’s all that matters right?
It probably won’t last, but while we can stand each other I’ll leave you with happy memories, I’ll take you places and I’ll leave you cute messages around, I’ll proudly show you off while I have you.

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